Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shock value

I like many many other people love to read internet articles and as a result get 99% of my news from the internet.  Though along with reading the articles I love to read the comments.  I am one of those people that enjoys knowing what people think about the news, I guess it's the therapist inside me.  What I have noticed a growing trend of is the amount of negative or what I call "shock value" comments.  Those comments that are so blatently rude or negative.  I wonder did someone put these comments in to get a response or is this comment the person's real belief?  I attempt to ignore most of these "shock value" comments and read the ones that actually provide some kind of intellectual content.  But at the end of the day sometimes idiocy of our society does start to annoy me, and I find myself having to accept that there are somethings that I cannot change.


  1. I think that our society has learned to live in discontent and thereby feels that the more negative the comment the more they have asserted themselves. How often do we take notice of the positive either in a post or in a comment?

  2. I definately do agree, though I myself do try to find the positive, because these days those are so rarely seen. And ty for following my blog :-)