Friday, January 7, 2011

Self Improvement

As a typical virgo I am quite the perfectionist.  Just not in the way most think of a perfectionist, I am a perfectionist of myself.  I have tasked myself with constantly attempting to self improve.  However the more I think about this the more I have to consider this can be a very futile effort.  Given the fact that as a human being I am doomed to be flawed and not perfect.  So then comes the contridiction of when do continue to improve upon myself, and when do I admit that I am flawed and accept my imperfections.  I cannot accept that I should give up on trying to improve myself.  Though logic does say that I will never achive perfection.  I then have to wonder how many people struggle through these same internal debates.  Or is this just one of my many flaws that I will just have to accept and move on through my daily life.

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