Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Introduction

When I chose my title for my page I did not realize how versitile the phrase "fence rider" was.  However when I went to define it I found that no one can agree on the proper term.  So let me give you my definition.

A fence rider is a person who can see both sides of the story.  Thier life is defined in grays and never in black and white.  They do not make a decision because to them nothing is definate. 

So yes, this is how I think of myself.  I have not ever chosen a religion or political side.  My parents raised me to keep an open mind and hear all sides of the story.  Maybe I took it too far, however I have found myself unable to make a decision on hot button topic.  I am of a very firm belief that no one side can be all right or all wrong.  This does not mean that I have chosen to live a free spirit life, I have given myself a very strict set of rules, with the most important one is to treat everyone with a basic human dignity and respect.  I have found in following this one rule my life is a happy and fulfilled one.  I also will rarely tell anyone they are wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs in my "book of life".  I will however at times will find out the facts and point them out, but in the presence of just opinions I choose to open my mind and absorb the information.  So for anyone looking for a staunch reaction or rant on politics, religion, or modern society you're probably in the wrong place.  But I do promise to keep you thinking.


  1. Excellent. I certainly understand your definition. I look forward to reading more of your work as I always enjoy things that are mind provoking.

  2. I like the whole thing in which you laid down in text for eyes to read, the part here- your probably in the wrong place for a such reaction, however " I promise to keep you thinking" I am very savvy with the thinker, as well as communicating, the communicating when put on the spot in maybe a heated situation I will overstep. Though keeping someone thinking comes naturally. Very well put.. Thank you